Rosy Turner MY RANGGO Hospitality Hero

Rosy Turner

F&B Head-Cashier Aloha Boracay Hotel


Three things you make sure you focus on in your work:

Guest satisfaction

Happy work environment

Going above and beyond the call of duty


Top tip for your Hospitality colleagues: It’s the little things that makes the big difference.  I like making special occasions extra special, such as doing a surprise room set up when it’s a guests birthday, or helping guests with planning a wedding proposal.


Your activities: I get involved with Beach clean-ups on Boracay Island, as well as Tree Planting and Beach Fit We Fit, where we run along the beach and pick up litter and debris.  The activities I get involved in are not about following orders from others; it’s about following my heart. It’s not about what you feel you should do. It’s about it being the right thing to do.  And I hope that others feel the same way, as our planet is in a fragile state.


Inspirations: My husband, My Ohana, My Friends and Sir David Attenborough


What’s in your Future? To be an advocate for promoting a better future for Boracay island, the Country, and the World. Without a healthy island there’s no healthy future for the tourism industry here. Tourism is a lifeline which relies on a healthy environment and looking after Mother Nature. Without which there is no future.

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