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Extra-Ordinary Heroes

Be Inspired and Be Motivated!

Welcome to MY RANGGO’s Hospitality Heroes.

MY RANGGO noticed how many people we come across in our industry who are doing so much good work in their businesses or communities and we thought it would be great to acknowledge these Heroes.

We know how much the Hospitality Industry contributes to our society on the frontline of services, but often we do not realize the lengths that the hotel we just stayed at goes to be a good member of the community, or the volunteering the waiter who just served your lunch does in his barangay.

We believe these unsung heroes deserve some recognition and we hope they will serve as inspiration too!

Enjoy their stories and let us know if you are a local hero, or know one, or if these heroes inspire you to also act.

Ma. Ninfa Desiree Segovia (Desiree)

Desiree is the Chairwoman of Boracay Women Producers Cooperative & Pinay Boracay Heritage. She has campaigned and worked tirelessly to develop social and ecological enterprises for underprivileged women on Boracay Island. This has included organizing training through government organisations to ensure work spaces and products are compliant with food hygiene standards.

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Ludwig Fuentebella (Loy)

Loy, Resort Manager of Encenada Beach Resort, Puerto Galera is a former National Football player. He set up a free football clinic for children in Puerto Galera & extended that clinic to Mangyan children near Mt Baclayan. Loy also worked with The Stairway Foundation to hold clinics with "rescued" street children from Manila. Loy was the Founder of the Puerto Galera Reggae Festival.

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