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Extra-Ordinary Heroes

Be Inspired and Be Motivated!

Welcome to MY RANGGO’s Hospitality Heroes.

MY RANGGO noticed how many people we come across in our industry who are doing so much good work in their businesses or communities and we thought it would be great to acknowledge these Heroes.

We know how much the Hospitality Industry contributes to our society on the frontline of services, but often we do not realize the lengths that the hotel we just stayed at goes to be a good member of the community, or the volunteering the waiter who just served your lunch does in his barangay.

We believe these unsung heroes deserve some recognition and we hope they will serve as inspiration too!

Enjoy their stories and let us know if you are a local hero, or know one, or if these heroes inspire you to also act.

We Are Aware Boracay MY RANGGO Hospitality Hero

We Are Aware

We Are Aware visits organizations and establishments in Boracay, and educates staff to help spread awareness on a range of environmental and ecological issues. The sessions help them to be more aware of Boracay’s environment and the ongoing efforts, and activities that need to be done in order to protect the island in the long run.

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Colene Tan MY RANGGO Hospitality Hero

Colene Tan (Coco)

A Freelance Kitchens & Restaurant Consultant, and Co-Founder of Simple Roots, Coco has assisted with Operation Sagip Dapdap, San Jose Bangon Kitchen. Helping to set up systems needed to run a relief drive or community Kitchen. Coco has also led on the H2O for Taal project providing fresh water to Taal evacuees, alongside Bel Castro.

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Janelle Katipunan Ante MY RANGGO Eco Hero

Janelle Katipunan-Ante (Jen)

Besides working for Dona Maria Rice Surprise Inc., Jen started a Marine Conservation Project in Anilao, Batangas. She organizes beach & ocean clean-ups, enlisting young scuba divers to the advocacy. Future plans include a Summer Beach Camps for young families, to inspire them to create their own advocacy programs.

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Hospitality Problems Industry Hero MY RANGGO Hospitality Heroes

Hospitality Problems

Hospitality Problems is a community page on Facebook, intended for students and people working in the hospitality industry. Athena set up the page in 2015, so that staff could share and talk about common problems and experiences. With a volunteer team of 17 'Admins', Athena's page has over 427,000 followers.

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Faye Cabio Eco Hotels Philippines MY RANGGO Hospitality Heroes

Faye Cabio

Faye is the Marketing Supervisor for Eco Hotels Philippines, and is part of the company's Sustainability Team. Faye believes passionately in Eco Hotels Vision, Mission and Advocacy. She takes part in the Eco Gives Back program, working with street children in Manila, and in activities and events focusing on promoting environmental and sustainable initiatives and practices.

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Almera Alulod MY RANGGO Community Hero

Almera Alulod (Mexy)

Mexy is the General Manager of Lost Wanderers (Travel Services). The company donates a % of their sales to funding outreach services & school supplies for local children. This year they're focusing on raising funds to create a mini Library for the children, at the school. Mexy's future goal is to assist local women to be entrepreneurs; to build their own businesses or brand.

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Ma. Suzette F. Abela (Suzie)

Suzie is the President of Lakbay Corporation, which is behind Sinag Hostel, Siargao. She's committed to working in partnership with the local community and brands which support the hostels vision of promoting sustainability & responsible travel. From the choice of material used during construction of the hostel, through to sustainable practices and products for their guests.

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Dave Albao MY RANGGO Hospitality Hero

Dave Albao

Dave is the Executive Director of Philippine Reef and Rainforest Conservation Foundation (PRRCFI) Danjugan Island. The programs focus on experiential learning, Marine and Wildlife Camps and Sustainable Tourism. PRRCFI works with local governments, schools, communities and other organizations through environment education.

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