Ma. Ninfa Desiree T. Segovia (Desiree)

Chairperson, Boracay Women Producers Cooperative & Pinay Boracay
 Heritage HUB, Tambisaan, Manoc Manoc, Boracay, Malay, Aklan


Top tip for your Hospitality/tourism/eco colleagues: The world would be a better place if we just care & share

Your activities: 

  1. Serve the underprivileged. Organize them to participate in governance & have a voice in governance.
  2. Develop socially & ecologically relevant enterprises for empowerment & work for our significance & success.
  3. Manage the characters of the underprivileged to stay focused on our missions & become good models of society.
  4. Practice zero waste lifestyle.
  5. Organic farming.


  1. I’m inspired to discover every day the dynamics of being human.
  2. I’m inspired at how materialism can challenge the power of intergenerational solidarities.
  3. I’m inspired when people show love & respect to god, nature & humanity


What’s in your Future? In my future, I can see myself with two white wings smiling at my God. In my future, there’s significance & success in the enterprises that I’ve built together with the underprivileged. A legacy that lives on/ carries on from generation through generation and for others to duplicate as it’s replicable & sustainable.

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