1) Beach must always be clean of plastics and other debris, this is our main asset after all

2) Employees are on time and must know guests by their names, not only by their room number

3) Beer is always cold and seafood is fresh.

TOP TIP FOR YOUR HOSPITALITY COLLEAGUES: Always be attentive to guests needs. A clean surrounding, and a friendly atmosphere among managers and employees, help make guests feel comfortable and welcome at the resort. Hospitality is our business!

YOUR ACTIVITIES:  I was a former national football player at a time when football was not yet popular in the Philippines. I have played football since I was 8 years old and I wanted to teach others how to play as well. I found Puerto Galera to be the perfect place to do this since nobody plays football here. I met Barry St. John Poulton, a British expat who lived in Puerto Galera 15 years ago. We had the same passion in spreading awareness about this beautiful game in the community, and so we started a football clinic free of charge. We invited kids by going school to school and started with a few boys and girls aged 6 to 12.

I eventually ventured to Mt. Baclayan to teach Mangyan kids to play football as well. I had help from The Stairway Foundation, a Danish NGO that “rescues” street children in Manila from juvenile institutions, by housing them and educating them at a compound they built in Puerto Galera.  After more than 5 years, they still enjoy the game and I continue to recruit more school kids to play every weekend. At the same time, I clean up the beach daily to prepare the day at the resort.

YOUR INSPIRATIONS: My wife first met Enrico Harrasser, the owner of Coco Beach Resort. It was the biggest resort in Puerto Galera, in terms of area size and rooms. He introduced us to the resort business by inviting us to run the souvenir shop at his resort, in 1989. We later on had the opportunity to partner with Encenada Beach Resort in 2000. We fell in love with the place and our work. Another inspiration is my former mentor and coach, Spanish Juan Cutillas who put me in to shape and taught me how to be a disciplined athlete.

WHAT’S IN YOUR FUTURE: I invented the phrase, “The future is now. If you don’t move now there is no future for you.” I plan to bring back what I started in 2003 – the Puerto Galera Reggae Festival. This features reggae bands from Manila, as well as aspiring reggae bands in Puerto Galera. We held it for 10 years right here at Encenada until 2013. We stopped the event due to the sudden passing of Tropical Depression’s band leader, Papadom that year 2013, who was my collaborator in this project since the first year.

I am also preparing my Mangyan team to participate in the 2nd IP Cup football tournament. My goal is to send a Mangyan player to next year’s annual Homeless World Cup (this year it is being held in Mexico City)