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Extra-Ordinary Heroes

Be Inspired and Be Motivated!

Welcome to MY RANGGO’s Hospitality Heroes.

MY RANGGO noticed how many people we come across in our industry who are doing so much good work in their businesses or communities and we thought it would be great to acknowledge these Heroes.

We know how much the Hospitality Industry contributes to our society on the frontline of services, but often we do not realize the lengths that the hotel we just stayed at goes to be a good member of the community, or the volunteering the waiter who just served your lunch does in his barangay.

We believe these unsung heroes deserve some recognition and we hope they will serve as inspiration too!

Enjoy their stories and let us know if you are a local hero, or know one, or if these heroes inspire you to also act.

Tiffany Marie Somes Ferra Hotels Boracay Industry Hospitality Hero

Tiffany Marie Somes

Tiffany's trained in every department of Ferra Hotel so she has direct experience & knowledge when she trains new staff, students & OJT's. & has led on a number of personal & corporate projects taking place on Boracay

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Anne Lapena MY RANGGO Hospitality Heroes

Anne Margarette R. Lapeña

Anne Lapena has worked in Housekeeping, at Herald Suites in Makati for 5 years. Anne, was nominated for Your Hospitality Heroes by Herald Suites, after she found and surrendered 70,000PHP left behind by a guest.

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Rosy Turner MY RANGGO Hospitality Hero

Rosy Turner

Rosy F&B Head Cashier for Aloha Boracay Hotel was nominated as an Eco Hero for her environmental efforts on Boracay. This includes beach-clean ups and tree planting.

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Nicole Thorp MY RANGGO Community Hero

Nicole "Nic" Anne Aurora Go Thorp

Under Nicole, Verde, Makati has been a venue & center for a number of fundraising & charity events. Her mission is to host one event per month at Verde, which gives back to the community in one way or another.

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Jake Deray MY RANGGO Hospitality Heroes

Jake Vic M. Deray

Jake Deray, a Bell Service Man at Herald Suites in Manila volunteers his time at Feeding Programs for the children of the Dagat Dagatan community, acting as 'kuya' to 200 kids, leading on dance and storytelling activities.

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Mike Martillano MY RANGGO Hospitality Hero

Michael “Mike” Martillano

Mike's been President or Vice President of BBASS since 2016. He advocated strongly for Marine Environment to be included in Boracay's Rehabilitation & for Divers to continue with Crown of Thorn & Ocean Clean-ups, during closure

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Gian Sison MY RANGGO Hospitality Hero

Gian Paolo Sison

Aside from his role as Head Chef at Carnivores Snack Shack, Gian is involved in organising and operating Feeding Programs for street kids and the homeless. As Lead Singer of Hey Moonshine, Gian and his bandmates also play at a number of benefit and fundraising gigs, as and when their schedules allow them to.

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Rommel T Juan MY RANGGO Hospitality Hero

Rommel Tambunting Juan

Rommel T Juan started the DAHON initiative after Binalot's source of banana leaves for packaging was destroyed by a typhoon. Working with impoverished farmers in Nagcarlan, a thriving Community Livelihood Program was created.

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